* Publicly Avaliable Data
Name Description Source
Building Sales Sales records from 2007-2017. Each record includes information such as address, Building-Block-Lot (BBL, a key identifier for buildings in New York City), sales price, date of sale, number of residential units, area, and building class, among other features. DOF
DOB Complaints Filed through 311 and through the DOB's own complaint syste, each record includes the Building Identification Number, date of complaint, type of complaint and complaint status among other features. DOB
Construction Permits All construction permits given to building owners. These permits are what allow building owners to legally make improvements, repairs or build new structures. Each record includes information on the type of construction being granted, the date the permit was granted, the expiration date for the permit and the BBL, among other features. DOB
311 Complaints NYC 311 is a hub of information for NYC residents and visitors and an important outlet for filing complaints. Each record includes BBL, date of complaint, type of complaint and complaint status among other features. 311
ACRIS ACRIS is a registry of a variety of different property records, including mortgages and tax records, among other types of records. DOF
PLUTO NYC's Primary Land Use Tax Lot Output, a dataset of all buildings in New York City divided into tax lots. DCP
* Data with Special Demands & Existing Indices
Name Description Source
Evictions It includes BBL and the date of eviction, among other features. Housing Court
RSU Count Rent stabilized unit estimates from New York City Department of Finance NYCDB
Property Listings Contains properties for sale at the date of collection (mid-July 2018) and only contains properties listed on Zillow. Street Easy
Displacement Typology The index uses demographic data from the US Census' American Community Survey, and aims at measuring the human impacts of gentrification and displacement. CUSP
Renovation Index This index aimed at measuring gentrification entitled the "Renovation Index." It uses sales and construction permit data to measure the built factors involved in the process of gentrification. CUSP